Giżycko best for business...

Local incentives:
- natural attractiveness in the context of „healthy food” and processing of fruit and vegetables
- the areas of forests in the region which is called „Green Lungs of Poland” are excellent for development of wood industry
- administrative, trading and banking accessibility
- usage of the relives which were forseen for the investors, because of town’s location in the region of structural unemployement
- cheap manpower
- young population; 27% of the town’s citizens are under 18 years old. Thus young, qualified human resources are available on the work market here
- exeptional tourist attractions, location over the wonderful system of lakes
- good technical infrastructure of the town (existing water plant purification)
- location near to the important water routes
- ownership of considerable lands (especially above the lakes)
- a lot of free areas
- closeness to the transit corridor „Via Baltica”

Town investements offers

Boyen Stronghold

Area: 307 380 sq. m (divided in 5 building lots); located within the town’s boundaries;
Intended use: Fortification complex appointed for global renovation under supervision of the historical monuments conservator (according to the project of town development); according to the project places for recreation, tourism, conference halls etc. are soon to be appointed;
Suggested status: leasing
Boyen Stronghold is one of the best preserved monuments of 19th century fortress architecture in Poland. It makes the stronghold extraordinarily attractive. Hidden in a forest park, it was built in 1843 – 1851. It is located on a hill on the isthmus between Kisajno and Niegocin lakes. It has four main gates, is star-shaped; each fort makes an individual star’s arm.

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Giżycko Town Center

Area: 57 902 sq. m (divided in 17 building lots); complete service infrastructure; 100m distance to Niegocin lake and port in the centre of the town; located in the area limited by Kolejowa Street, Dąbrowskiego Street and Wyzwolenia Street.
Intented use: tenant-service area, tourist and recreation
Status: For sale
The area has the potential to create a totally new town centre containing all the necessary service for citizens and tourists.

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The Industrial-Storage District

Area: 103 542 sq. m (divided in 30 building lots); complete service infrastructure; located in the southern part of the town, directly by the town’s ring road (a transit road managing the traffic in all directions);
Intended use: storage and industrial use, services
Status: For sale
The district enables location of services, industry and storage (excluding the environmentally unfriendly and harmful ones); an ideal place for industry, crafts, storages, tenant back-up facilities, gastronomy and hotels.

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