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Giżycko is the centre and the biggest town of the Great Mazurian Lakeland, a paradise of outstanding landscape attractiveness.

Here, nature ravishes with its richness whereas clean water and clean air invite you for the most pleasurable and relaxing time you have ever had.

You can enjoy it in each season of the year :

  • In the summer:

    - vast areas of water for sailing, canoeing, swimming
    - large, sandy beaches just for sun - bathing

    Do you know?
    Giżycko is called „The Summer Capital of Poland”, due to its popularity and thousands of tourists.

  • In the autumn:

    - best time for anglers, lakes abounding in pike, eel, European whitefish, laveret, pike- perch, roach and other fish species
    - wonderful season for mushroom - picking and the forests full of game are a paradise for hunters
    - at the end of September the forests are at their most colourful, so it is worth setting out on a bicycle ride or a trek

  • In the winter:

    - the high hills, superb skiing conditions and the long season are great attractions of this sport in Giżycko
    - great hunting season, along with sledding and picnics by a bonfire
    - fishermen catch fish under the ice

    - there are more people who skate on frozen lakes and canals in addition to ice-sailing with the famous Giżycko Ice Cup

  • In the spring:

    - get acquainted with the attractions of Warmia and Mazury, find traces of human settlements from thousands of years ago

    - celebrate the Days of Giżycko, when the town is full of song and dance with paradas marching along the streets and artistic groups presenting their shows.
    - feel the freshness of blooming nature rejuvanting after freezing winter

Do you know?
The oldest trace of human settlement in the region dates back to 15 000 years BC.