Welcome to the „Summer Capital of Poland”,
tourist- and investor-friendly town.

If you are interested in doing business here just download profesionally prepared offers.
If you want to enjoy the town just have a look at the following attractions.
Due to its marvellous nature called „Green Lungs of Poland” and location in the very heart of Masurian Lakeland, Giżycko is one of the main tourist-recreational centres of the country.
It has both modern, high standard facilities for recreation and accomodation and well-preserved very old historical sites. You can still find one of the castle wings, erected in 1340 by the Teutonic Knights or Boyen Stronghold, which is visited by 40 000 tourists every year.

The beauty of the region can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding guest:

  • clean lakes covered with colourful sails, yachts, conoes and windsurfers
  • youth clubs, discos and cafes full of music on summer nights
  • attractive shows at Boyen Stronghold, such as „Festival of Toursit Songs”, „Sailors Festival” or „Dancing under the Stars”
  • lakes abounding in pike, eel, roach and other fish species
  • the high hills, superb skiing conditions, skating on frozen lakes, ice-sailing, with a famous Giżycko Ice Cup, all in the long winter season

Just check it out yourself!
I am sure you will come here again and again.

Wishing unforgettable memories from our town,

Mayor of Giżycko
Jolanta Piotrowska